You Should Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut About These 5 Things

Many of us have a habit of expressing too much to people who are not worth it. We like being an open book and don’t have an issue with it but clearly some people don’t have the ethics to keep it to themselves.

They will often go around taking benefit of the knowledge they have about us, twisting it in their own words and expressing it differently to people who don’t know us.

This leads to a bad impression and weird gossip and no one wants that. Everyone likes a bit of mystery.

This is why it is so important to know who you can trust and give out information about yourself, as not everyone will be nice about it. It is also useful to know what to expect from people and recognize their vibe.

In this world you cannot go around trusting everyone and getting hurt later just because you didn’t double check on them. Try to keep things to yourself when you get a bad vibe from a person. Trust your guts.

1. Past Resentments

We all have bad and weird stuff to share from the past. It can be anything from the girl you hated in school to your coming out story.

Firstly, you must try your best to let these negative feelings go. And if you cannot, the second best option is to communicate positively about it with your partner. Your partner will probably want the best for you and have constructive criticism to provide instead of lashing out on your stupidity.

You need to let go of the negative energy that surrounds you and you must try keeping a focus which you can carry on for your motivation.

2. Material Belongings

We all know that there are a few things which carry way more worth than their value in monetary terms. And yet we carry so much attachment with useless things such as cars and phones. It is good to believe in treating yourself but do not get too attached to anything that you buy, no matter how much you paid for it. It is easy to fall in the never ending hole of arrogance which might lead you to have an obsessive nature. You may not realize it but people will see it as a bad habit and will categorize you as a bad person. Be modest, it is the new sassy.

3. Goals for the Future

Even science says that you have high chances of achieving your goal if you don’t share it with other people. This is how it works: when you tell other people about your dreams and goals, they might demotivate you or try working towards it to steal it away from you. In the end, you will be left feeling as if someone else is living your dream and that you have no motivation any longer. Feel free to tell all about it once you have gained what you set your goals to.

4. Your Income

Never ever tell another person how much you earn. Only a handful of people should maybe know what you earn and they should be the people you share the workplace with, and maybe not even them. You don’t want everyone to know what you earn and where you stand financially. If you are rich, it will come off as bragging and, if you are not so rich, it will come off as whining. It can lead to changing the relations you have with other people in a drastic manner. When a lot of people know how much you earn, it will definitely change their behavior towards you based on their financial standing.

5. Good Deeds

It is known that doing good deeds attracts positive karma. It is absolutely true. Never let yourself be discouraged from doing good things or brag about it. Take a different perspective instead of making it all about yourself. This will cancel off the good you have done and you will come off as showy. Especially when you do a charitable deed, do not let yourself become a spotlight. The people who are in need should be worthy of attention, not you.