Why Do Doctors Keep This Simple Recipe Away From The Public? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Bunions Completely Natural!

In the current world, people are suffering from a lot of health issues found difficult to resolve.

But many natural methods help us to relieve problems associated with health.

Bunions considered a widespread problem that generally creates issues more in women than men.

Bunions occur because of the little inflammatory process due to the salt deposits or wearing tight shoes for a long period. Bunions caused due to rheumatic arthritis infections. Although bunions do not raise pain, they impinge on life quality.

It makes the individual difficult in selecting footwear that matches best to their foot. This condition can either treated surgically or through natural methods. When the surgical method is chosen, it offers only a temporary solution.

Therefore, it is better to choose the permanent solution for bunions is to remove the salt deposit present in the feet to make the foot return to the normal state.


Bay leaves of 100 grams contain 314 calories comprising 8gm of total fat, 23mg sodium, 529 mg of potassium, 75g of carbohydrate, and 8 gm of protein. It contains 123% of Vitamin A, 0.83 of calcium, 77% of Vitamin C, 238% of Iron, 85% of Vitamin B-6, and 30% of Magnesium.

Bay leaves are also available in the powdered form in the markets. The high nutritional bay leaf offers health benefits to individuals when bay leaves included in the food items.

Bay leaves possess great medicinal properties that enhance the urination and reduce the presence of the toxin. These processes improve the autoimmunity power of the human body and assists in maintaining to be fit. The bay leaves enhance the digestion and increase nutrient intake.

A single spoon of crushed bay leaf put into the water and allows it to boil the content for 5 minutes. The bay leaf water is left undisturbed for the whole night. The liquid is strained in the morning.

It is better than a person who can consume the bay leaf water at frequent intervals rather than drinking all at once. Repeat the process for one week such that it offers good health benefits.

Bay leaf water is prepared everyday night and consumed in the morning. If the process is repetitive, remarkable results achieved in the case of bunions. It is found that consumption of the bay leaves for ten days assists in reducing the joint pain to a considerable level. A person can completely get rid of bunions when bay leaves used for 2 months.

Bunions may reduce the sleep time of the individual. Consuming bay leaves help induce proper sleeping time for an individual. Few drops of bay leaf extract improve the immunity system and make them ready for the battle against numerous diseases.

Hence all these properties make the bay leaves preferred by the many people and add them in the dishes to improve the quality of the food along with the health benefits.